Polyglot Gathering 2022

This website is about the Polyglot Gathering in 2022. For information about the current edition, follow this link.


2022年に Polyglot Gathering は開催されますか?どこで開催されますか?

This year we have prepared for you two events:

Both events are distinct and require separate registration. Registration and payment for one of these events does not equal registration for both.

参加登録の方法を教えてください。 参加費はいくらですか?

Registration is open for the Polyglot Gathering Online, ticket prices are listed on the registration page.

Registration is open for the in-person, Polyglot Gathering in Teresin, Poland, ticket prices are listed on the page “How to participate”.

On the in-person Polyglot Gathering in Poland

I already registered for Polyglot Gathering 2020 in Poland, which couldn't happen then due to the pandemic. Will my registration be valid for 2022?

If this is your case, we’ve emailed you the different options that you have. Please check your inboxes and your spam folder if you haven't already.

If this email is nowhere to be found, feel free to email us at administration@polyglotgathering.com.

Will accommodation and catering be provided?

They will indeed! In addition to the venue, we’ve negotiated with hotels to make your Polyglot Gathering experience easier and more immersive. You’ll find all the relevant details (prices, meals…) in the registration form.

You’re also free to take care of your own accommodation and meals. However, be aware that we’ve designed this year’s event as polyglot immersive as possible. In other words, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Polyglot Gathering 24/7: once the daytime programme is over, we’ll keep on hanging out together enjoying evening programmes.

To ensure your spot, booking as soon as possible is highly recommended!

Will my registration for the In-Person Polyglot Gathering be valid for Polyglot Gathering Online as well?

No, both events are distinct and require separate registration. Registration and payment for one of these events does not equal registration for both.

How will this Polyglot Gathering differ from the previous in-person events?

First of all, the hosting country. After 3 years in Berlin, 3 years in Bratislava, 2 years online waiting to meet in person in Poland, we’ll eventually meet in Poland! You’ll finally get a chance to polish your Polish (pun intended) in Poland and even taste pierogi. If you want to get linguistically ready for Poland, have a look at polski.info (yes, this is also one of the language projects we are involved in ☺).

“Why in a small town like Teresin and not in Warsaw?” we hear you ask. This relates to our second point: providing you with a Fully Immersive 24/7 Polyglot Experience. Following the daytime programme, we’ll keep on hanging out together, enjoying evening programmes, speaking random languages in hotel corridors or discussing interlinguistics over a beer. Random talks in the garden any time? Barbecue with other language freaks? Concerts in the evening and disco in the night in the congress hall? Why not? All this will be possible (and will be waiting for you) this year! Let's call it “Polyglot holiday resort” ?.

Are there any pre- and post-Gathering language crash courses?

We are not planning official language courses before or after the Polyglot Gathering, but you are welcome to ask other participants in the Facebook or Telegram group for recommendations about language courses.

What will COVID regulations & cancellation policy be for the event?

We’ll be following the Polish government regulation in force at the time of the event. As of March 2022, wearing a mask is required in most public facilities, transports and shops.

We’re expecting regulations to be loosened by the time the event takes place. Participants will be updated.

In case you are unable to make to attend the event, for example because of the pandemic, you can get a refund or change the name of your booking and let someone else enjoy your ticket. The details are being prepared.



How about COVID regulations for traveling to Poland?

Travel to Poland, like virtually anywhere else, is subject to conditions.

As of February 2022, these are typically easier for citizens or residents of EU Member States, Schengen Area and Turkey thanks to the EU Health Certificate.

For other countries, regulations are usually tighter. As much as possible getting an EU-approved COVID-19 vaccine will make your travel much easier to the EU.

In both cases, we’re expecting regulations to be loosened by the time the event takes place. Participants will be updated.

Do I need a visa to go to Poland?

You can check here what the situation is depending on your citizenship and, if necessary, get your Schengen visa as soon as possible.

On the Polyglot Gathering Online

What platform will we use?

We’ll use our own virtual multilingual event platform called Retevent. For a better experience, we recommend using a computer with a cable Internet connection and headphones with a microphone. Smartphones sometimes have only limited support.

On the 28th of April, all registered participants will receive an e-mail with a link to the platform and login information. You do not need to install anything, you only need a web browser (using Chrome or Firefox is recommended).

Is the program suitable for my time zone?

We’re aiming to make this online event as global as possible, therefore we’re aiming to have a schedule suitable for different time zones.

All talks will be recorded and you'll be able to watch them later when you can, even after the event – the platform will stay available one month after the end of the Polyglot Gathering.

What do I get with my online ticket?

In addition to the official dates of Polyglot Gathering Online (from April 28 to May 1) during which live talks and multilingual chat rooms will be held, the online platform will stay available for one month after the event! There, you’ll have access to the recorded talks you missed.

Will my registration for Polyglot Gathering Online be valid for the In-Person Polyglot Gathering as well?

No, both events are distinct and require separate registration. Registration and payment for one of these events does not equal registration for both.

Are tickets for Polyglot Gathering Online refundable?

Tickets for Polyglot Gathering Online are not refundable.

Did you get my registration?

For the registration, you will get a confirmation email right away. If it does not arrive, check the spam bin as well. If it is not there either, please let us know.

On both events


はい。語学レッスンやワークショップ(最大45分)のアイデアを皆さんから受け付けています。語学レッスンの言語の種類は問いません(メジャーな言語でなくても可)。言語に対する情熱をイベントでぜひシェアしたいという意気込みを期待しています。Polyglot Gathering in Poland でのイベント提案がある方はこちらのフォーム、Polyglot Gathering Online でのイベント提案がある方はこちらのフォームに必要事項を記入してください。



Polyglot Gathering ではどの言語が使用されますか?


このイベントは Polyglot Conference の一種ですか?

違います。Polyglot Conference は Richard Simcott 氏と Alex Rawling 氏が主催する別のイベントで、毎年世界の異なる場所で開催されます(現在はオンライン)。両イベントともポリグロット(多言語話者)や語学ファンたちが集まり、語学への情熱を皆で分かち合うことのできる場です。Polyglot Conference へ参加された方が、当イベントにも参加してくださるのはとても喜ばしいことです。