Polyglot Gathering Online 2021

Tá an t-aistriúchán sa teanga seo ag 54%. Is féidir an t-eolas ar fad is déanaí a fháil as Béarla agus chomh maith.
May 20th–23rd, 2021

Hey! Have you heard of the Polyglot Gathering?

The Polyglot Gathering is the world’s biggest international event for polyglots and language lovers which is being organized every single year at the end of May. This fantastic event is fully packed with awesome talks and presentations, rich cultural activities and fun social program. And what is the best part? Everything is related to languages!

During the event, the participants spread their love and exercise their passion for cultures and languages, share tips and experiences, and most importantly use and practice many languages to discuss, listen, learn, and socialize with one another. Learners, teachers, enthusiasts, beginners, professionals, scientists, educators, Polyglot Gathering is here for all of us! Are you ready to join?

In 2021 the Polyglot Gathering will take place online for the second time!

The first Polyglot Gathering took place in Berlin, Germany in 2014–2016, followed by Bratislava, Slovakia in 2017–2019, and finally, there was an online version of this event in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year you can look forward to Polyglot Gathering Online 2021, once again on May 20–23, 2021!

Wait, does this mean that the Polyglot Gathering will not take place in Teresin, Poland this year?

Unfortunately no, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and we would not want to risk the safety of our participants by organizing such a big international event during the current tough times. As much as we would like to see you all live, we will have to do it next year because Polyglot Gathering in Teresin, Poland is postponed for May 2022.

Have you already bought a ticket for Polyglot Gathering 2020 in Poland (before it was postponed) and transferred it to 2021? You’re in luck! Not only does it transfer as a ticket for Polyglot Gathering 2022, but it also serves as a ticket for Polyglot Gathering Online 2021 at no extra charge. Please check your e-mail for more information.

What did the participants say last year?

Céard a bheidh ar siúl i mbliana ag an bPolyglot Gathering Online?

Sásta gur chuir tú an cheist! Tuigimid nach Polyglot Gathering mar is gnáth é munar féidir casadh ar na hilteangaigh eile. Ach tá a fhios againn cé chomh tábhachtach is atá sé go mbeadh ár rannpháirtithe in ann bailiú le chéile le foghlaim óna chéile, agus sin an chúis gur mhaith linn forbairt a dhéanamh ar an ócáid ó anuraidh chun ócáid lán le himeachtaí iontach suimiúla a dhéanamh den Pholyglot Gathering Online 2021!

Cuir i láthair meallacacha

Bígí ullamh le casadh ar ilteangaigh spreagúla ó gach cúinne den domhan atá chun a gcuid taithí a roinnt trí cainteanna beo a thabhairt in go leor teangacha éagsúla faoi réimse ollmhór ábhair agus topaicí bainteach le teangacha. Más mian leat níos mó a fhoghlaim faoi theanga ar leith, nó más mian leat teicnící foghlama teanga breise a fhoghlaim, is mór an méad cainteanna a bheidh ar fáil duit.

Once the live talks are over, you will be able to watch them again as many times as you want for up to 1 month after the end of Polyglot Gathering Online 2021. How cool is that?

Seomraí cleachtadh ilteangacha

Ar mhaith leat do chuid Fraincis, Gearmáinis, Indinéiseach, no Svahaílis a chleachtadh? Is féidir linn é sin a shocrú díbh. Feicfimid filleadh na seomraí cleachtadh ilteangacha is mó le rá i mbliana sa Pholyglot Gathering Online agus beidh tú in ann raon mór millteach teangacha a cleachtadh i rith na hócáide le hilteangaigh eile. Teanga amháin, uair a' chloig amháin, seomra amháin, níl ort ach ceann a roghnú agus ar aghaidh leat!

A diverse program

Besides the talks, Polyglot Gathering Online 2021 will offer lots of fun language-related activites in which you can take part either as a spectator or an active participant. Currently we are planning lots of great surprises for you, so stay tuned as we will announce more specific details along the way.

Social and cultural activites

Let’s all have fun together and get to know each other in a multilingual environment! Polyglot Gathering has always been about its people and celebrating the beautiful diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and of course languages. Despite the fact that everything is happening online during the current times, this event will make you interact with others and allow you to feel and embrace the polyglot atmosphere to the fullest level.

Bheith páirteach i bpobal gníomhach d'ilteangaigh

Tá grúpa Telegram ar fáil faoi láthair, agus fanfaidh sé ar fáil i rith agus i ndiaidh an Polyglot Gathering Online 2021. Ag iarraidh casadh ar dhaoine cosúil leat féin, agus b'fhéidir cairdeas a chruthú roimh na comhdhála? Ag iarraidh labhairt le chéile i rith na himeachtaí, le feiceáil céard atá ar siúl ag do chairde sna seisiúin uilig? Ag iarraidh fanacht i dteagmháil le do chairde nua ar fad théis deireadh na hócáide? Más ea, seo hé an áit is fearr le tosú amach!

Cliceáil anseo le breis eolais a fháil faoin ngrúpa Telegram Polgyglot Gathering Online 2021.

Teastas tinrimh

Gheobhaidh gach rannpháirtí teastas tinrimh sa r-phost ag deireadh na hócáide. Tasipeáin go bródúil do do scoil, d'ollscoil, d'áit oibre nó do sheanmháthair no do gharmhac é!

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Who are the organizers of this event?

The founders of the event and main organizers of the first three editions in 2014–2016 were Judith Meyer, Chuck Smith and Martin Sawitzki. Afterwards, Polyglot Gathering moved from Berlin, Germany to Bratislava, Slovakia and has been organized ever since by a non-profit organization Education@Internet (E@I), with Peter Baláž as the main organizer along with the rest of this organization’s dedicated team of polyglots and organizers.

Read more about the team

Education@Internet (E@I) is an international team which conducts online projects that first became active in 1999. Drawing upon the team’s expertise, E@I was legally constituted in 2005 as a politically-neutral and non-governmental youth organization.

E@I’s vision is that of a world in harmony and peace, in which all citizens may communicate worldwide with ease and speed.

This organization’s activities are conducted in accordance with this vision, and with the help of an international group of volunteers. These activities comprise organizing and supporting projects which disseminate the importance and usefulness of unbarred international communication.

If you appreciate this organization’s work in regards to Polyglot Gathering and you would like to contribute to the realization of its activities, please consider supporting it financially in order to help assure the sustainability of its projects.

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