Polyglot Gathering 2023

Перевод на русский язык осуществлен на 84%. Полную информацию можно получить на английском языке , а также .

Языковой челлендж

На данный момент эта страница доступна только на английском языке.

How well can you learn a language in just 40 days? Have you ever wondered?

Now you have a chance to find out: Join our Challenge to learn Esperanto and/or Interslavic in just 40 days before the Polyglot Gathering 2023!
Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to get a new superpower by learning one or both of these fascinating planned languages? Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to participate in the challenge:
    • The challenge starts on 6 May 2023.
    • You apply simply by filling in the application form.
    • Who can participate: anyone who is a complete beginner in Esperanto/Interslavic.
  2. Learn Esperanto/Interslavic from scratch in 40 days. It’s up to you how you want to learn, but we can recommend some free online resources to get you started:
  3. Prove that you’re the best and win awesome prizes!
    • The challenge ends during the Polyglot Gathering in Teresin, where all contestants will prove their skills in an oral exam (don’t worry, it’s more like an informal conversation!).
    • The oral exam consists of a short presentation (1-2 minutes) and a conversation with our jury.
    • The criteria you will be tested on are fluency, interaction, grammatical accuracy, and vocabulary.
    • We have some great polyglot prizes ready for you!

Good luck!