Polyglot Gathering 2024


The Polyglot Gathering 2024 is taking place under the patronage of:

  • Czech Commission for UNESCO,
  • Doc. PhDr. Mikuláš Bek, Ph.D. – Minister of Education, Youth, and Sports,
  • Doc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc., Mayor of Prague
  • Doc. Ing. Petr Dvořák, Ph.D. – Rector of Prague University of Economics and Business.
Czech Commission for UNESCO

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Coffee break partner

Would you like to be a sponsor for one of the biggest events for polyglots and language lovers in the world? Make sure our participants know about your books / courses / programs / apps / products!

Please contact our Sponsor relations officers at sponsors@polyglotgathering.com to learn more. Thank you.