Polyglot Gathering 2020

How to participate

How to participate


You can register as a participant and come to Teresin for the whole Gathering or for a part of it and simply enjoy the speeches, the informal talks in between the talks, common lunches and dinners and a rich social program.

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Participants can contribute to the program and share their language learning know-how and best practices with other polyglots. We welcome speech proposals and workshop ideas related (but not exclusively) to the following topics:

You can propose a talk or a workshop until the 14th of February by following this link:

Propose a talk or a workshop


The Polyglot Gathering is an event for polyglots, run by polyglots, and it is the result of many hours of work of a lot of people. We welcome help from any volunteers who can help us, whether it’s before, during or after the gathering, be it for just a few hours or every day. It is not required that you speak Polish or live in Poland. If you would like to help us and get a discount from the registration fee in exchange, please register as a participant and write in the Note how you would like to help. We’ll contact you by email afterwards. 🙂 Thank you!

Registration fees

All participants must be registered. It is advised to register in advance. People who are not registered will not have access to the session halls and exhibition area.

There are two separate price lists, depending on your participation:

Note that staying in the hotel Kuźnia Napoleońska (the Polyglot Gathering venue) is possible only within participation packages.

Breakfast is included in all hotels. All lunches and dinners will take place at Kuźnia Napoleońska, even if you ordered accommodation somewhere else or no accommodation at all.

See the page Practical information for more information about hotels. It is also possible to commute from Warsaw.

All prices are in euros. To know how much your participation would cost, you can fill in the registration form, it will automatically calculate your participation fee.


The package include:

The prices are per person, not per room.

A grey background indicates unavailable room types.
Hotel Single room Double/twin room Triple room Quadruple room
Kuźnia Napoleońska (5 nights) 550 € 370 € 330 €
Kuźnia Napoleońska (4 nights) 550 € 340 € 300 €
Leśne Zacisze 470 € 340 € 300 € 275 €
Karczma Pod Bażantem 470 € 340 €
Hotel Chopin 470 € 340 €
430 €*

*In Hotel Chopin the cheaper single rooms are smaller and without air conditioning (choose “Single economy” in the registration form).

See below for explanations about the types of rooms.

Separate fees


Fees for the program only. The arrival day (Tuesday, May 26) and the departure day (Sunday, May 31) are not taken into account for the cost per day.
Date of payment The whole event Per day
Until February 29, 2020 120 € 40 €
Until March 31 April 14, 2020 135 € 45 €
Until April 30, 2020 150 € 50 €
Until May 24, 2020 170 € 60 €
From May 25, 2020 or on location 180 € 70 €


Breakfast is included in all hotels. Please note that booking a room in a hotel is possible only for participants who stay for two nights or more.

Here are the prices per night (the prices are per person, not per room):

A grey background indicates unavailable room types.
Hotel Single room Double/twin room Triple room Quadruple room
Leśne Zacisze 58 € 32 € 24 € 19 €
Karczma Pod Bażantem 58 € 32 €
Hotel Chopin 58 € 32 €
50 €*

*In Hotel Chopin the cheaper single rooms are smaller and without air conditioning (choose “Single economy” in the registration form).

All rooms have a bathroom. The possible room types mean:

There are no bunk beds in any hotel.


There is a possibility of having lunches and dinners at the Gathering venue together with other participants. When registering for the Gathering, you can choose whether you would like to order them or not. You can of course use the lunch breaks to go out and eat at places of your choice. There are a few restaurants, cafés and shops in the town.

Also, the common meals are a great possibility to hang out with fellow polyglots outside of the lectures and get to know new people. The dining room is a very cozy place to get together and use the Gathering to its fullest potential.

Meals will be served as buffets with vegetarian and vegan options.

The cost of each meal.
Meal Booked in advance Booked on location
Lunch 9 € 11 €
Dinner 9 € 11 €


The Polyglot Gathering 2020 T-shirt costs 10 €.

Early bird offer: the Polyglot Gathering 2020 T-shirt is free for the first 100 registered participants!


Discounts are available for people under 18, students under 26 and people who give lectures or workshops. The age taken into account is the age on the first day of the Polyglot Gathering (May 26, 2020). Students should produce a valid student ID card when they arrive at the Polyglot Gathering.

Category 3 days or more 2 days 1 day
Students under 26 -60 € -30 € -15 €
Youth under 18 -80 € -40 € -20 €

Cancellation charges

The appropriate refunds will be made after the event with the following conditions:

If you want to cancel your participation, please write to administration@polyglotgathering.com.

Name change

If you are prevented from attending, you will be given the opportunity to send a colleague in your place. Name changes should be notified in writing to email (administration@polyglotgathering.com). A handling fee of 30 € will be charged for each name change. No name change will be possible after 15 May 2020.

Updating your registration

When you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation message containing a link allowing you to update your registration. Please note that some changes (especially regarding meals and accommodation) will have to be approved by an organizer.

Participant fees include:

Payment information


Upon receipt of the correct participant fee (clear of all bank charges), each participant will receive a confirmation of registration.

Bank transfer

Beneficiary E@I (if your bank doesn’t accept the @ symbol, you can write “EAI”)
Beneficiary address Víťazná 840/67A
SK-958 04 Partizánske
Bank address Februárová 152/1
SK-958 01 Partizánske
Account number:
IBAN SK7552000000000008887398

Note: When sending money, please write “PG2020” and your name and surname in the field “Message for recipient”, e.g. “PG2020 John Smith”.

Note: If you use a foreign bank account to transfer money to the account in Slovakia, please arrange your transfer so that you, the sender, will pay the transfer cost (otherwise, you will need to pay us the transfer cost at the event, since it will have been deducted from the money that we received). If your bank account is not in euros, consider using TransferWise to avoid high transfer cost.