Polyglot Gathering 2020


Main partner



Miguel Ariza
Dimitrios Pandremmenos
Mirek La
Bianca Flowers
Anthony Kiessling
Dhananjay Talwar
Gaye Proctor
Joey Perugino
Ronny Schnabel
Sara Maria Hasbun
Michael Thompson
Martin Rüegsegger
Travis Sandidge
Yhan Monney
Jojo El Nazareth
Duncan Myers
Yana Segalis
Štěpán Tomsa
Manuel Finckh
Geoff Yeowell
Orlando Raola
Joan Muela Ribera
Sean Huang
Pierre Jousserand
Miron Iancu
Bajkai-Fabian Robert
Elizabeth Bovenmyer
Clemens Schleicher
Mary Short
Duncan Charters

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