Polyglot Gathering 2023




议程尚在准备中。 In the meantime, you can have a look at last year’s program to find out what you can expect.

Wednesday, June 14 Thursday, June 15 Friday, June 16 Saturday, June 17 Sunday, June 18 Monday, June 19
早餐 早餐 早餐 早餐 早餐
分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊 回程出发
午餐 午餐 午餐 午餐
注册,做游戏 分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊 分享会与工作坊
晚餐 晚餐 晚餐 晚餐 晚餐
晚间安排 晚间安排 晚间安排 晚间安排 告别晚会

If you would like to attend the Polyglot Gathering as a speaker, fill in this questionnaire to let us know what you would like to talk about.