Polyglot Gathering 2021


Email addresses of the organizers

Please contact us by email using the relevant email address:

About the venue

Polyglot Gathering 2021 will be held at the hotel Kuźnia Napoleońska in Paprotnia, Teresin, Poland, 30 km west of Warsaw.

Address of the venue

Hotel Kuźnia Napoleońska
Sochaczewska 5
96-515 Paprotnia

Note: for any issues related to the event, please do not contact the staff of the hotel, but the organizers of the event. For the quickest and easiest response from the organizers, please use the e-mail address info@polyglotgathering.com for all communications. All bookings will be done through the Polyglot Gathering registration form.

Registration will start in February 2021